WordPress Care Plans

Protect your website against threats, malware, and security vulnerabilities by having WP Experts take care of everything.

WordPress is possibly the best platform you can use to build and manage your website, but just like any website, it needs constant attention to keep it up to date, secure, and generating leads/income/etc.

That’s where our WordPress maintenance plans come in; we will take care of every aspect of your WordPress website; keeping it secure with all your plugins and themes updated and backed up;  running fast and efficiently as possible. Back it all up with our emergency support service and 100% satisfaction guarantee, and your website will be bulletproof, allowing you to spend your time and energy on your business instead of keeping your website going.

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WordPress support, based right here in Canada.

WP Experts is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our team is entirely based in Canada, and we never outsource. You can be assured that your website is being taken care of for you by experts located right here in Canada. 

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WPExperts Care Plans Features

Daily Cloud Backups

We will backup your entire website every day to a secure off-site location (Amazon S3) based in Canada.

Secure Off Site Backups

We utilize the populate Backup Buddy plugin to backup your website and store backups in encrypted Amazon S3 buckets. We can optionally push your backups to your Google Drive or DropBox account as well.
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Regular Patches & Updates

Your WordPress core software, plugins, and themes will be monitored and updated weekly.

Update Service Features

Real live humans (not bots) will perform weekly updates as well as immediate critical updates when necessary. Backups will be taken before all updates to ensure easy restoration if a backup causes a critical error.

WordPress Firewall

A firewall will be installed and monitored, and your website will be scanned daily for malware and security issues.

Security Hardening Features

Brute force protection, bot detection, malware scanning by Sucuri SiteCheck, file change detection, IP address blocking, and more.

Uptime & Error Monitoring

Your system will be monitored 24/7/365 for any outages or software errors, and our experts will be immediately notified.

Monitoring Features

Your website will be monitored for server outages, 404/500 server errors, and code related errors. We will be notified immediately of any error so we can fix or notify you of the issue.

Speed Optimization

WordPress releases updates to their core software regularly. Your website will always be running the latest version.

Speed Optimization Features

Our professional plan includes speed optimization of your website utilizing WP Rocket.

Discounted Services

Save money when you bundle our WordPress Helpdesk service, or hire us for consulting or development services.


Bundle our helpdesk service with your maintenance plan and save $50/month. Discounted hourly rates are available to maintenance plan customers and are listed below.

Plans & Pricing

We currently offer 3 service levels designed so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Our plans are designed with businesses in mind, with varying levels of support. If you only need one or two of the services listed once in a while, most services can be purchased ad hoc on a per incident basis.

Click on the service titles in the left hand column to learn more about the service, as well as one time service options.

Note: We are a Canadian company, so all prices indicated below are in Canadian dollars.

Do you have an agency?

Let WP Experts take on your maintenance and after care duties so you can focus on finding new clients and building awesome websites for them. We can make our WordPress maintenance plans (as well as all of our services) available your directly to your customers as a white label solution. Click below to find out how it works.

We  agencies.

Your Questions Answered

Here are some answers to common questions we receive about our WordPress Maintenance plans. If you have a question that isn’t covered here please contact us!

Yes. We will update all of your plugins, as long as they are a) able to be automatically updated via the WordPress dashboard, and b) if a license is required for updates, you have a valid/active license in place for your website.

Some times updates to plugins and themes will break your website. This is very unlikely when you are using “industry standard” plugins that are widely used and from reputable developers, however it is always a possibility.

Prior to all updates your website will be backed up to a secure off site location, so if anything goes wrong we fully prepared to deal with it.

If the problem is trivial, we will correct the issue.

If the problem is unable to resolved simply, we will either roll back the offending update or restore your site from the pre-update backup. You will be notified of the actions taken by our team. At this point, we will be able to work with you to resolve the issue at your hourly rate, or allow you to look into the issue yourself.

Sort of. While we do not provide hosting directly, all of our care plans all include hosting for your website which is provided and supported by WPEngine.

We provide front line support for your website during business hours, and WPEngine provides 24/7/365 support for your website that you can access directly through your own account and portal at WPEngine.

In our opinion, WPEngine is the best in the industry when it comes to managed WordPress hosting. This is why we include it in all of our care plans.

When you enroll, we will send you an email the same or next business day with instructions to securely send us access details so we can setup our monitoring software and install any necessary plugins according to your selected care plan.

No, each website requires it’s own care plan. We do offer discounts for clients with multiple websites. Contact us for more information.