WordPress Cloud Backups

Our automated cloud backup service is designed to
save your @$$ when your site is in trouble.

Our automated WordPress backup service is powered by the popular Backup Buddy plugin and is included in all of our WordPress care plans.

WordPress doesn’t include built-in backups, so your website needs a reliable backup strategy, not relying entirely on your host’s backup system. Many people have found out the hard way that their hosts backups are insufficient in a crisis.

Why? Your web host’s backup may not be enough if you experience a hard drive or full server crash, especially if your backups are stored on the same server as your website. Other WordPress security issues include bad actors (hackers), malware infections, user error, deleted files, and more.

Any of these things can seriously deface or even destroy your WordPress site forever. Having a off site backup that is up to date is critical for protecting your website, and ensuring it’s continuity when something goes wrong.

Backup Buddy

Why are regular backups important?

Protection From Bad Guys

Bad guys are always prowling for sites to hack, and can do a lot of damage quickly. The FASTEST and EASIEST way to recover is restoring a recent backup.

Restore your site fast.

If bad guys damage or bring your website down, your website can be restored with a few clicks by either us or yourself.

Recover From Malware

If your website is infected with Malware, it can be slow and expensive to remediate. Regular backups give you peace of mind.

Erase Malware Instantly

The easiest way to remediate a malware infection on your website is to restore it to a known good version. We retain your daily backups for up to 6 months, so you can always be assured a clean version exists.

User Error

When you are performing any changes to your website, there is always the chance for error. Having a backup gives you a way out if you screw up.

Secure Off Site Backup

With your website backed up off site, you can rest easy knowing you always have a "plan B" should something go really wrong with your site.

Deleted Files

It has happened to everyone. You accidentally delete an important file and you have no extra copy anywhere. Your automated backups will be there for you.

Restore files from backup.

When you screw up and delete an important file, having quick access to the backups will ensure you get it put back before your customers (or boss) knows it was ever gone.

Sever Crashes & Catastrophe

If your hard disk or entire server crashes, then what? Proper off site backups will allow you to get your WordPress website back online on a new server fast.

Servers die.

It's a fact of life, even the most fault tolerant systems are susceptible to failure. Chances are you don't control this aspect of your website, so don't be caught with your pants down when your web server encounters a fatal error.

All Perils Insurance

Most likely You insure your home and business against "all perils". Having good backups is like insurance for your website. Cover your @$$. Back it up.

Secure Off Site Backup

With your website backed up off site, you can rest easy knowing you always have a plan B should somting go really wrong with your site.

WordPress Backup Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to common questions we receive about our WordPress cloud backup service, which is a part of all of our WordPress care plans. If you have a question that isn’t covered here please contact us!

Most likely. BUT, while your web host’s backups are absolutely better than no backups, there are a few key reasons why they might not be as reliable or helpful as you would expect.

For example, most web host’s backups are stored on the same server as your website. In the event of a total catastrophic failure of the server or hard drive, your backups might be gone along with your website! Not good.

Another thing to consider is many web host’s backups are “all or nothing” type snap shots. This means if you need a single file restored, or perhaps a folder or even just your database, they will need to restore your entire website to a snap shot, or a single point in time, meaning you could potentially loose important data that may have been generated since the backup was taken.

This becomes particularly problematic if they are only capturing weekly or even monthly backups of your website.

We highly recommend daily backups, and our WordPress maintenance plans all come with daily backups as a core part of our service. In addition, individual files are accessible, and your database is stored separately, allowing us to selectively restore data to your website to minimize or even completely prevent data loss.

Your backup’s are stored in a secure data centre located in Toronto, Canada.

Optionally we can store a copy of each backup locally on your server (for your use), or even push each a copy of each backup to a cloud storage provider of your choice, including Google Drive, OneBox, DropBox, Amazon S3, or even a remote FTP server you control.

The idea is to store your backups off your server, and in as many locations as makes sense for you. We will maintain copies in our secure cloud storage, but you have options if you want to store copies somewhere yourself. 

Yes, you sure could, and if you want to go the DIY route, no problem. You will also need cloud storage somewhere and a little bit of technical know how.

We offer a managed WordPress backup service as a part of our maintenance plans, what this means is you have professionals keeping an eye on everything to ensure that when the time comes that you need your backup (and it will!), it is there and ready to save the day.

We also provide full service restoration and disaster recovery as a part of our maintenance plans, which means you don’t have to stress over getting your website back online. Our experts will handle everything for you.

Still want to DIY? Click here to buy a license directly from iThemes, the cost is $80 USD.

Note: You get to ride on our coat tails and use our BackupBuddy plugin license when you hire us on a maintenance plan. Just sayin’.

Get Our Manged Backup Service With Any Care Plan

If you haven’t already, check out our maintenance plans, we jam a lot of value into a small monthly fee. 

Your WordPress website will thank you.