Community & Philanthropy

We're active in the community, and we like to support worthy causes.


Taking care of our community, the best way we know how.

Every year, we select a local organization to receive our WordPress maintenance and consulting services free of charge, in perpetuity as long as we are in business.

The idea is that as we grow and service more clients, our ability to give back will grow as well.

We accept applications, then April 1st every year, we select one organization to provide our WordPress hosting , maintenance, and consulting services to completely free of charge. We try to select organizations based on need, and the value they provide to the community as a whole.

Want to apply for your non-profit organization?

Fill out the form below to add your organization or group to our list of organizations to consider for 2021. If you are shortlisted, we will reach out early in the year for some more information about you and your group to help us make a final decision.!